Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hekate's Angel and a Fairy Tail

Hekate's Angel

This assemblage and carved wood piece is named for Hekate the Greek Goddess of doorways and crossroads. In ancient Greece she was considered the guardian of the veil between the worlds, the material and the spiritual.

Hekate's Angel is made with a vintage doorknob plate nailed to a found piece of wood. There is a magnifying lens where the doorknob once fit. Behind the lens I inserted an antique porcelain doll face. Behind the keyhole is a tiny bone. The keyhole is covered with mica. I carved the wings from fallen aspen wood.They are painted and then gilded with metal leaf. There is a hook on the back so that the piece can hang on a wall. 
Size: 7.5" x 11" x 1"


Tulip is from a series called The Secret Garden. As a child one of my favorite books was "The Secret Garden" The story of a young girl who discovers the locked door to an abandoned, overgrown garden. As the story unfolds the garden is revived along with the girl and her closest companions.

The objects in this series are worn and maybe a little crusty on the outside. They've a few chips and dings. With a little love and attention something wild and wonderful grows out from their ruins! Tulip is made from a vintage porcelain doll and carved aspen wood. I carved the wooden stems and leaves. Each detailed carving is attached by a tiny carved peg and glued in place. The wood is painted with acrylic and waxed.The figure is set in the stem with jewelers epoxy.

Tulip can sit on a surface or hang on the wall.
Size: 2"h x 7"w x 3"d

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Works November - All Souls

I Love November. beginning with All Souls Day and ending with Thanksgiving, it's a month for remembrance and celebration. In keeping with the spirit of this season I've started a new series inspired by Memento mori. This genre of art dating back to antiquity is meant to remind us of our mortality and to remember lost loved ones. My Memento mori, made with antique photographs, carved wood and found objects, alludes to life's ephemeral nature. I'm so excited to be able to exhibit some of these pieces in a fantastic group show at Sacred Machine Museum and Curiosity Shop. The show is part of The Santa Muerte Music and Arts Festival and runs through December 31, 2011.

Memento mori #1