Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Day in My Studio

aspen drying

peeling bark 

designing a figure

rough forms cut out on the band saw

sweeping up

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Before it Gets Really Hot...

Last week I decided to dive in and complete a task I've been um...putting off... building a new website. Happily I can now scratch that project off the list of things to do before our  desert summer begins. When the temperature rises over 107 my little grey cells slow way, way (and did I say way?) down! To build the new site I used an online company that caters to artists, designers, and photographers. They have some basic templates to work from, handle the hosting and will even acquire a domain name for you  if you don't have one. They have reasonable prices and good tech support too. If anyone out there has been thinking of making a website have a look at  www.bigblackbag.com  Take a peek at my new website too!

It was so nice to get back to my work table this week! Just finished these two angels yesterday.

Lost and Found Angel with Green Vine Crown

Lost and Found Angel with Cloud Crown

Next on my list are two summer art festivals. La Jolla Festival of the Arts, June 23-24 and Bellevue Arts Museum Art Fair, July 27-29. It will be nice to escape to cooler climates over the summer. Maybe the ocean air will re-activate some of my poky little grey cells!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Accidental Garden

Its a glorious spring here in the desert. The bees are rolling round in the cactus flowers gathering pollen. They look thoroughly intoxicated. The backyard garden has finished with early lupine and poppy blooms and we're on to firewheels, hollyhocks and a few iris. I like to call it an accidental garden but there is some planting and tending involved. A lot depends on the timing and quantity of fall and winter rains. I planted some seeds gathered from last season's plants and some re-seeded on their own.

Every morning I go outside first thing to see whats newly bloomed and watch the birds and insects do their dance. Sometimes the antics of all the life in my garden makes me laugh out loud. It seems there are epic stories, goofy soap operas and complex relationships taking place under the soil and between the flowers. What are those ants doing underground anyway? They seem so organized!

Whatever is happening each morning in the garden provides me with fodder for my day in the studio. Every evening I come home and check to see if something new has bloomed.

The Blossom Sisters

Secret Garden Talisman #4