Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Milagro Series

New Works- Milagro Series

These hands with flowers, leaves and thorns are carved from found aspen wood. Each one is set on an antique piece of carved wood from India that was once used as a textile printing block. There are hooks on the back to hang them on the wall. 

They are part of a new series inspired by Milagros. Traditionally Milagros were used as offerings to request help or give thanks for assistance with any number of circumstances, from mending bones to finding lost pets. Frequently Milagros are used in requests for healing. Milagros made from metal, wood, and wax are found throughout Latin America and Europe. They are often made to represent body parts but also animals, tools, cars or other inanimate objects. The word "milagro" means miracle in Spanish.  

My milagros aren't meant to assist with a problem but rather to celebrate how the health of our minds and bodies is deeply connected to nature.

Mano Sagrado #1- Milagro Series
Mano Sagrado #2 - Milagro Series