Saturday, July 5, 2014

Night Sky Angel

Because I live in a hot desert I've come to appreciate the long summer nights. I love sitting outdoors in the evening watching the night sky. This time of year is perfect for star gazing and watching monsoon lightening criss cross the sky.

Night Sky Angel

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Circus Circus

This morning I escaped to the circus. Well, in pictures anyway. I love the way circuses and carnivals transport me to another world. They are part theater and part murky, magic, other worldly stuff. Both innocent and disturbing. Here's some captivating circus themed imagery that I discovered today~

Carnival BigTop-Hey Harriet Photography

Carnival Clown-Hey Harriet Photography


Circus Performer by Andrew Shaylor

Sideshow banner by Fred Johnson

Friday, June 13, 2014

After the Storm

After the Storm

This sculpture called "After the Storm" was made as part of a project called Peace by Piece  organized by Susan Lomuto aka The Daily Art Muse in response to her experiences with Hurricane Sandy.  After the hurricane Lomuto collected debris from the devastated beaches near her home in New York and sent it out to a group of artists. 

The bottom wooden section of this sculpture is made with pieces of the debris that I received.  I pegged and nailed them together then banded them across with antique tin to form a raft. The tree atop the raft is found lemon wood that I carved and shaped to accommodate the birds and leaves. I carved the birds and leaves from found aspen. The weathered debris in the raft section was coated with a layer of varnish to fix and preserve it. The sculpture is painted with acrylic. It sits on a metal stand and comes apart for shipping. 

A portion of the proceeds from this sale will go toward a charity that supports disaster relief. 

Debris sent to me from Hurricane Sandy

Saturday, May 17, 2014

In Love with the Moon

Here's something new from my shadowbox series. I've been playing with some slightly bigger boxes. This is 6" x 6".  The moon and figure are carved from found aspen. The arms are vintage German doll parts. The box is framed with a mosaic of antique crate woods.

In Love with the Moon

Friday, April 25, 2014

Interview in Art Doll Quarterly

This week I received the summer issue of Art Doll Quarterly. In it I'm interviewed by writer and artist RicĂ« Freeman -Zachary. Her thoughtful questions made the process an interesting journey. She even shares little tidbits about me such as my previous foray into chicken wrangling...

Also included in the summer issue are articles and images from some of my favorite doll artists. There's a great story called "Stages of Joy" by Idiko Muresan one half of the artist team called Harem 6

Red Antlers by Harem 6

And a feature by talented woodcarver Stephanie Brockway about the making of her fabulous "Toolheads"

"Toolheads" by Stephanie Brockway

Betsy Youngquist's article "Land of the Fantastical" is full of  photos and information about her amazing beaded mosaics.

"Space Explorer" by Betsy Youngquist

For more information on the magazine: