Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Golden Hour

There's a term that cinematographers use to describe the time of day just after sunrise and just before sunset  when the shadows are long. The light is diffused and everything seems to radiate with balmy light. They call it  The Golden Hour.
Golden Hour Talisman



I think life can sometimes offer up a golden hour of the metaphorical kind. It might last a few moments or  possibly an hour. If you're really fortunate you’ll get a whole golden week. The experience is akin to that radiance that filmmakers love but it’s a different kind of illumination. It could feel like hot sunlight pounding on your head or just a soft whispery glow that says, “hey check this out".  It may be years before you realize that you were hit with magic golden rays... you were in the perfect place at the perfect time and something amazing happened that changed you.

Cup of Life #2


The thing to remember about your own golden hour is that you can't make it happen. You have to let it happen. Put your ducks in a row. Place your cards on the table. Then take a ginormous leap! Cross the border. Get on the bus. Go to the place that no one expects you to be. Open the door.

Doorway Talisman #14

My works shown here are in the company of some fantastic artists in Beyond the Sacred Music and Arts Festival  opening this weekend at Sacred Machine Museum. Sacred Machine is  the creation of world-renowned Tucson artist and musician Daniel Martin Diaz, and wife and co-founder of their band Blind Divine, Paula Catherine Valencia. You can visit the to preview the show and see more of Daniel’s extraordinary works.

Works by Daniel Martin Diaz at Sacred Machine

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