Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Message in a Bottle

In 1919 Marcel Duchamp, the founder of the art movement called Dada,  purchased a 50cc glass ampoule from a pharmacist friend. After emptying the original contents he had the pharmacist seal it again with nothing inside but Paris air. Duchamp took the ampoule to New York as a souveneir for a friend. It was later exhibited as one of a series of found object artworks Duchamp called  Ready Mades. At that time exhibiting found objects in the context of art just wasn't done. Duchamp and his Dada buddies caused quite a ruckus.

50cc Paris Air, Ready Made by Marcel Duchamp

So... I'd just like to say...Thank you Marcel Duchamp... for sending that Ready Made message in a bottle... you let everyone in on the sometimes grimey little secret...that in the right hands (and/or minds) found objects can speak volumes, tell stories, make jokes and even recite poems- of the visual kind. Sometimes it's done with elegant simplicity like the glass jar assemblages of  photographer, painter and assemblage artist Valerie Galloway. See more of her lovely works in her Etsy shop.

Submerged by Valerie Galloway

Entanglement by Valerie Galloway

Or with delicate poetics like those of jeweler, assemblage artist Marina Rios aka Fanciful Devices. She often titles and accompanies her works with snippets taken from arcane stories, obscure scientific facts and forgotten texts.  Click on the link below the photos to visit her shop for the wonderful descriptions of these pieces.

Blanca Queen of France by Marina Rios/Fanciful Devices

Futility by Marina Rios/Fanciful Devices

Assemblage artist and jeweler Priscilla Moore's lovely works tell fascinating stories through her subtle choices in found materials and techniques. As a bonus she often accompanies her pieces with historical anecdotes or poems. Click on the links below the photos to visit her Etsy shop for details about these pieces and more.

Tobacciana by Priscilla Moore/Read Between Lines

Affianced Edwardian Necklace by Priscilla Moore/ Read Between Lines

Mixed media artist Lynn Whipple creates poignant, multilayered works with an intricate combination of found materials, paint, and text. Visit Lynn's beautiful website and her Etsy shop to see more of her amazing works.

Mixed media assemblage by Lynn Whipple

Mixed media assemblage by Lynn Whipple

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Little Cartoon Souls

Coquette - Little Cartoon Soul No. 10

Have you ever had a day when your life seems to be a comedy of errors? Maybe you trip over a that invisible crack in the sidewalk or the soda explodes from the bottle when you open it to take that first delicious sip? If this sort of thing has happened to you it's probably just your cartoon soul reminding you that it's there. We all have one dwelling somewhere inside. It's their cartoony duty to remind us not to take all of life's little twists and turns quite so seriously.

The Little Cartoon Souls are carved from found aspen wood and mounted on a vintage wooden toy block. Each has a pair of antique porcelain doll arms. They're painted with acrylic then lightly sanded to give the surface an aged appearance.

These Cartoon Souls are having a dance party in my Etsy shop!