Thursday, April 17, 2014

Deer Dancing and the Art of Frédérique Morrel

It's deer dancing season. The Yaqui Indian Villages here in Tucson are holding their annual Easter celebrations. Yaqui Easter is a beautiful hybrid of ancient Yaqui religion and Christianity. It culminates with a night long dance of the deer in his flowery grotto. He's accompanied by a small group of musicians playing simple instruments and singing mysterious deer songs.

I like to think that right now elsewhere on the earth there are animal dances taking place to celebrate nature and the changing seasons. The refined tapestry and taxidermy of artist team Frédérique Morrel, created half way around the world in Paris and far from the Yaqui villages reminds me that whether it's a stomp or a waltz I'd like to join in the dance.
Artworks by Frédérique Morrel

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