Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Little Cartoon Souls

Coquette - Little Cartoon Soul No. 10

Have you ever had a day when your life seems to be a comedy of errors? Maybe you trip over a that invisible crack in the sidewalk or the soda explodes from the bottle when you open it to take that first delicious sip? If this sort of thing has happened to you it's probably just your cartoon soul reminding you that it's there. We all have one dwelling somewhere inside. It's their cartoony duty to remind us not to take all of life's little twists and turns quite so seriously.

The Little Cartoon Souls are carved from found aspen wood and mounted on a vintage wooden toy block. Each has a pair of antique porcelain doll arms. They're painted with acrylic then lightly sanded to give the surface an aged appearance.

These Cartoon Souls are having a dance party in my Etsy shop!


Carla Trujillo said...

I really enjoy your carvings!!

Elizabeth Frank said...

Thank you Carla!